Time Lapse- Smarty

I have a new GH3 camera- the second half of the footage is with it- Oh yeah and there's time lapse. Watching grass grow.

Shaved Shannon

sometimes they let me make some quirky stuff at work.

short reel

Editor Reel from Suzanne Oshinsky on Vimeo.

Compassion in Action

Below are two projects where I was the concept producer for Autism Live's video campaign for Compassion in Action. 

Wayne White

Wayne White was a set designer & puppet maker for Pee Wee's playhouse. As I've said before, that TV show is a huge influence on me. No wonder I dig his work. It's all coming together.

TAAWP love from Christopher Russell

I had a great interview today with artist Christopher Russell.
Alligator snatch.
Video coming soon.


In conjunction with Dum Dum's 3rd issue, Punks and Scholars, my new interview series TAAWP is going live 2/1/13. Coincidentally that is also the same day that the LA Art Book Fair at Moca starts.

I'm excited!

PS I will be manning Dum Dum's booth Saturday and Sunday morning.